Commercial for sale, RHYMESBURY Clarendon, in Four Paths, Jamaica

IDR 1,350,386,668

USD 90,963


Commercial premises • Ref: 54189

Dreaming of farm-to-table living? Delicious Jamaican mango or papaya orchards for exporting opportunities, maybe? or "You Pick" farming experiences with Jamaican crops? Then consider 9.6 acres of flat, arable land in Rhymesbury [closer to Content Solar side]. There is access to utilities coupled with opportunities to reap, transport and access various markets given the upcoming South Coast Highway in Clarendon. The place has a cinematic feel too given its crisp backdrop of the Bull Head mountain range, green fields with majestic white clouds and brilliant sky. Neighbouring properties are being used for hi-tech, solar-powered poultry farming and as a cow pasture, respectively. Tea Cup's dry land tourist parties are held minutes away so too May Pen Hospital and Foga Road High School. Come see and talk!


Four Paths