Macu Escobar

Asesora Inmobiliaria en Century21 Capital (Santa Cruz de Tenerife - España), Arquitecta Técnica, Ingeniera de Edificación y Experta en Energías Renovables at CENTURY 21 Capital

About me

I help you turn your new life plans into finished projects. I am a Technical Architect, Building Engineer and Expert in Renewable Energies, with extensive previous experience in the execution and control of new construction projects and architectural reforms, where I carried out my work with responsibilities as Head of Works in different multinational companies. Apart from this, I consider myself an honest, responsible and hardworking person, my maxim has always been continuous improvement, striving to be better and learning new things that stimulate and motivate me. That is why I struggled to find another job in which to feel fulfilled and motivated until I entered as an advisor at Century21 Capital. The most that attracted me to this experience was first of all the possibility of growing professionally according to my concerns, determining my own goals and without putting limits on the results. My training as an Engineer has developed my "ingenuity" to solve complex situations, the most difficult purchase and sale operations are for me, simply "challenges". Another of the most important aspects as a Real Estate Advisor since 2013, is to share a working group with a large team of professionals with continuous, updated and specialized training in the sector, always with the aim of giving the best and most complete service to our clients, which makes me feel always supported and proud that each firm, each satisfied customer, be the result of teamwork. All this has had the consequence of being part of the office with the highest number of sales and turnover in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, of the entire century21 office network in Spain. I have also been the #1 Sales Advisor in Spain in August 2016 and May 2017. And personally achieving in 2016 and 2017 my "Diamond" award. This past 2018 the results have been the best, I have reached the number 4 position in turnover, being one of the advisors with the best results of the entire network of C21 offices in Spain, getting the highest award for billing "Centurion Award". ADVISOR WITH MORE SHARED BUSINESS OF 2021 OF THE CENTURY21 SPAIN NETWORK DIAMOND AWARD FOR TURNOVER 2021 For this year 2022 I have recolored my goals at the highest and I have the determination to help a greater number of clients to turn their life plans into finished projects, because that will make me feel fully satisfied and fulfilled, while I will be able to carry out other personal projects such as continuing to maintain my "Centurion" award.
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IDR 1,806,457,725

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