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I want to sell my house! Sometimes it's hard to make a determination, but if you've already taken the step, congratulations! If you know the actual sales prices in the area (not those published in Idealista or those told to you by the concierge, or your neighbor), and you have enough free time to serve the interested parties, at the most diverse times, if you have knowledge of photography, advertising writing, marketing, decoration, real estate law, financinghipotecaria, sale, negotiation, taxation, etc. Then you can start selling the house on your own. Have you tried it yet but failed to close the sale? In most cases, selling a home is not as simple as it may seem and will have to be advised by a professional. At this time, new questions will be raised: How to choose the right real estate agency? Do I work with one or more? Neighborhood or online? Which system is best for selling my home? How much do agencies charge? For all this and much more, call us!!!! We will be happy to help you!!!!!
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